Happy 2016!!!

We’d like to wish everyone a year of happiness ahead despite the tough times that many are experiencing or had experienced in 2015. Stay positive and be kind to one another. We at Cake Pantry will try to keep things in life sweet and we hope to continue to be a part of all your great memories. Happy New Year!!!

The Season of L.O.V.E. ♥♥♥

It is a double celebration of LOVE this month with Valentine’s Day and Chap Goh Meh both falling on the same day. Apparently this occurs once every 19 years. What luck for us to be able to experience this very special day. And with that, the season of love (i.e. weddings) begin. We’ve go[...]

Floating Milk Jug Cake

“Is it really cake?”, you ask. And the answer is YES! The floating milk jug is cake as well as the cereal bowl at the bottom. This cake design by Sharon Wee is a definite head turner. It is so pretty to look at and even more delicious to dig into. Wow everyone with a […][...]

Castle Cake

This was a really fun cake to make for a baby turning 1 month old. The castle is surrounded by a moat with clear blue water and lush greenery. It had vines creeping up its grey stone walls and towers with blue tops had red flags soaring in the wind. And baby King Arthur battling […][...]

Dragon Castle

In view of the dragon year, here is a dragon castle cake that is sure to brighten up any celebration. A two tier cake with steps leading up to the two towers and a bright orange dragon awaiting at the top. This enchanting cake is a delicious chocolate mud cake with rich chocolate ganache icing [&hel[...]

Elly & Hop

Here is a super fun cake to brighten up your day. Elly and Hop were sculpted from a really delicious and moist chocolate mud cake with rich chocolate ganache icing before being covered in fondant. Sweet pink Elly balances a carrot cupcake on her trunk while a leg stands on a blue ball. And cheeky [&[...]

3D Sculpted Kimmidoll Cake

An absolutely adorable 3D sculpted Kimmidoll cake will definitely cheer up any occasion. This 1.5 feet tall cake is one of our largest and heaviest 3D cakes to date. Weighing approximately 10 kg or more, it can feed between 100 to 150 people. We have generously donated “Akemi” (the name [...]